Innovation is creating value by generating and implementing new ideas.

Creo has established a systematic process for innovation, "Systematic Inventive Thinking", which aims at creating an environment that stimulates the process of developing innovations. Creative people need stimulus, and by stimulating creativity in this kind of environment we believe we can turn creativity into innovations.

The ideas we come up with are systematically put through a process of determining their patentability, economic potential and development risks to filter out the most promising innovations.

These are then further evaluated and developed in research- and/or in customer-financed projects. Usually the innovation is taken to a technology readiness level (TRL) of 3-6 (up to concept demonstration), at which point we try to sell or license the innovation to selected partners that can develop and incorporate the idea into new or existing products.

Technology potentially available for licensing covers the whole range of Creo's businesses - including dynamic vibration absorbers, active noise and vibration control, structural health monitoring for composite structures or active flow control.

Creo Dynamics finalises innovation deal with major vehicle OEM

In January 2013, Creo Dynamics made its first product innovation-deal, with the innovation promising a reduction in fuel consumption of up to several percent through reduced drag.

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