Our unique symbiosis between research, innovations and consulting gives us beyond state-of-the-art knowledge. For your benefit.

The coworkers at Creo Dynamics consist exclusively of M.Sc. and Ph.D. graduates who are among the best in our respective areas of expertise. We have extensive experience in providing specialist consulting services to a wide range of customers and fields.

We are happy to help solving problems either on-site at the customer's office or in-house at our own offices, and always in an open-minded and personal manner. In some projects, it may be optimal to have one person on-site, doing for example experimental measurements, and a backup team in-house that can provide results from simulations, post-process data, or similar.


We have the pleasure to work with a wide range of companies in many different fields, including aeronautics, defense, automotive, Formula 1 racing, power generation, construction and mining.

If you consider giving us the opportunity to work with you, please contact us.