Structural Dynamics

Structures excited by time-varying loads tend to fail through fatigue if not properly designed, or may lead to noise emissions if not properly damped.

In many of the challenges we meet when, for example, improving acoustic comfort, evaluating the health of a structure or evaluating the vibration environment for sensitive equipment, the structural dynamic behavior has of key role in the investigation. The structural dynamics is also important in evaluation of flow-induced noise and other fluid-structure interaction problems.

Creo Dynamics has a broad and thorough experience in investigating and evaluating the dynamic properties of structures using detailed measurements and finite element analysis, both separately and in parallel.


The structural dynamics field is closely coupled to acoustics and lightweight structures. Some examples of our experience in structural dynamics applications include:

Environmental engineering & durability

  • Measurement and multi-body dynamic analysis for evaluating full body vibration.
  • Design specification of components with respect to the vibration environment in air and ground applications.
  • FE-simulations and measurements of vibration environment for equipment in heavy vehicles.


  • Vibro-acoustic analysis of propeller and open rotor aircraft.
  • Simulation and optimization of Active Noise Control configurations and Tuned Vibration Absorbers.
  • In-flight Noise & Vibration measurements and analysis.


  • Measurement and simulation of wave propagation in complex composite structures for Structural Health Monitoring.
  • Simulation and measurement of porous absorption material.