Our expertise rests on four firm cornerstones: acoustics, fluid dynamics, structural dynamics and lightweight structures. But like a chef cooks many different dishes from a few ingredients, we at Creo are always trying to combine the four areas into new, exciting prospects.

In the world of physics, it is not possible to simply divide all phenomena into distinct fields. Many problems must be solved by combining knowledge from different fields into new hybrid areas of expertise. One of our greatest strengths at Creo Dynamics is that we are always trying to employ these hybrid areas in all three of our branches (consulting, research and innovation) so that we propel ourselves and our partners forward, as well as sharpening our edge as true specialists.

Some of the hybrid areas of expertise that we work with at Creo include:

  • Aeroacoustics (aerodynamics + acoustics) - exterior wind noise, buffeting, HVAC noise etc.
  • Structural Health Monitoring (acoustics + structural dynamics + lightweight structures) - finding defects via acoustic excitation of structures
  • Acoustic liners (acoustics + lightweight structures) - aircraft engine noise suppression through Helmholtz resonance effect
  • Acoustic fatigue (aerodynamics + acoustics + lightweight structures) - structural fatigue by prolonged exposure to acoustic excitation, e.g. through aerodynamically induced buffeting
  • Fluid-Structure Interaction (aerodynamics + structural dynamics) - aeroelasticity, active flow control etc.

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