Small-Medium Enterprise (SME)

Creo Dynamics is a small, agile company. This is an advantage we try to use all the time.

There are many benefits in being a small enterprise. We have a much more efficient corporate structure, where there is no distinct hierarchy. Our overhead costs are small, leading to high operating margins. We adapt quickly and decisively to a changing economic climate - e.g. our resources can be redistributed between consulting, research and innovations work, giving us much more freedom during a recession. We floor the throttle when others step on the brake.

When doing research, there are some other specific advantages to being an SME. Some research projects specifically state that a certain number of SMEs should be included. The EU can grant SMEs funding, support and other benefits that are specifically targeted to this group of companies.

When working with product innovations, we make sure that we in each project engage our specialists from different fields in order to see the problem from different perspectives. Most successful innovations combine already existing knowledge in new ways. This cross-field interaction is much easier to achieve in a small company such as Creo Dynamics.