About Vinngroup

Vinngroup acts as a holding company to create the right conditions and environment for entrepreneurial people to take on new challenges. We have our focus set on attracting the best and most competent people and we believe it is the people who make the difference.

The people behind Vinngroup are all very competitive people who enjoy the sweetness of victory and who hate to lose. If you want to win you need excellence, motivation, commitment and ability to manage complex projects. Then it does not matter if it is on the racetrack or with you as a customer. We always want to perform a little more.

We love to engage in your challenges and understand your requirements and listen with attention, analyze, and solve your problems. We have chosen to focus on the most demanding consultant buyers, those who know what they want. Our clients engage us to have their problems solved - not to get new ones.

Winning Recruitment

We recruit only colleagues and partners with a positive attitude to life. People who see opportunities rather than problems.  Quite simply, the best in the industry. Our demands are high, very high; we build specialist businesses in growing industries. We create when others cut.

Contact us whether you want help with a project or to become one of us. For more about Vinngroup, please visit www.vinngroup.se.