About Us

Creo Dynamics is the result of a group of creative entrepreneurs specialized in dynamic systems and with a will to become the greatest within their profession.

The company was in 2010 founded in Linköping, Sweden, by a group of engineers who had gotten tired of the insufficient creative spirit in some of the larger consulting companies in Sweden. An R&T office was soon thereafter created in Lund to more easily access this high-tech and creative part of Sweden. 

We have our roots in the aerospace industry and are passionate about innovative solutions that create extra value to our partners, e.g. products that are quieter, lighter, have impressive sound or low drag, or products with efficient combustion processes. Creo Dynamics is certified according to the ISO9001:2015 standard.

We want to build the future in consulting and research together - therefore, all coworkers are offered to become part owners of Creo Dynamics. We own the company together with the holding company Vinngroup AB. Join us to be part of a new era of consulting and you will experience the power of having a partner with roots in the aircraft industry and the future in international research projects.