The next great coworker?

The opportunity to pursue and incubate your own ideas is something few companies can offer its coworkers. At Creo, we do this every day.

Creo Dynamics is a technology-focused cutting-edge company within the areas of acoustics, smart structures and fluid mechanics. Within these three fields - and in the intersection between them - intense development is ongoing. Creo Dynamics works with innovations, research, project assignments and consulting. Today, we are a sharp team of 25 specialist engineers. We have our main office in Linköping but also operations in Lund, Göteborg & Stockholm.

We are part of Vinngroup AB - a dynamic and innovative group of companies with inspiring offices in Göteborg and Stockholm. Like our 15 sister companies, we are working according to a business model that invites its employees to become part-owners of the company.

For us, what matters most is to find people who have an immense interest in the topics we work with, and who have creative minds. Software skills come second. Having the right mindset is  key to be able to deliver game-changing results.

Creo is looking for new CFD & Acoustics specialists!

We are currently looking for new coworkers to expand both our CFD and Acoustics team. You have a degree or PhD in Engineering – possibly with research merits – and good practical knowledge of either fluid dynamics or acoustics. An additional merit is if you have previously worked as a consultant with insight and knowledge of customer relations and an active engagement in the company's sales and business development.

In Göteborg

Göteborg is an exciting region where Creo is expanding its business. We are now especially looking for you who are ambitious and specialised, preferably with experience from the automotive industry, and wants to work in the Göteborg area. The Göteborg office sits at the top of Kvarnberget, together with several of the sister companies of Vinngroup AB.

In Linköping

Linköping is Creo’s main site. Here, we have our head office and perform the majority of our projects and research. We have our own lab facility with great possibilities to explore new technology and test new concepts and ideas for existing or future clients. A previous experience as a consultant is always a merit but not essential as we are many colleagues to support in the school of becoming a skilled specialised and innovative consultant.

In Stockholm

At our smaller but not less growing sites, it becomes more important to have relevant experience well suited to Creo in general but also to the local market needs. Our clients however, are technology-intensive product developing companies located all over the world. Consultancy experience, ability to travel, an interest in developing the Creo business and to fit well into the local Creo team are also of high value here. We know by experience the importance of networking and our aim is always to build long relations.

And remember – we are always in search for the best coworkers, so do not hesitate to contact us for a discussion over a cup of coffee or just an informal chat to meet with each other. It all starts with a first meeting.

Does this sound interesting? Please contact us through or directly to our CEO Magnus Titus;, telephone +46 (0) 70 571 11 00.

The Next Great Co-worker

The Next Great Co-worker 2